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I’m going to try different themes each day on this blog, and this is Thursday. The combination of Thanks and Thursday might not seem all that inspired, but I’ve had experience that’s shown me how important thankfulness is.

I opened my eyes this morning, and I can see. I have an imagination that’s fairly skilled at thinking up stories. I have an apartment with rent I can afford to pay, and friends who share their garden bounty.

I’ve got writing friends and editor friends all over the internet. And this computer…I’m old enough to remember when a manual typewriter was the only option other than pen and paper. Being able to use a delete key rather than white-out is a thrill, if you think about it.

Now none of this list ultimately depends on me, not even opening my eyes. It’s God-given, and I’m not going to attribute it to anyone else.

What have you thanked God for, today? If you haven’t done it in a while, it’s okay to start small, with the scent of your coffee, or the crunch of toast between your teeth.

My list can get extensive, and the more regularly I run through it, the brighter the sun appears to shine.


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