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Looking in or looking out—Wednesday Windows — 4 Comments

  1. A trick question, isn’t it. When I use a window that reflects, I see myself or what is around me. I guess that to be looking out, or beyond myself. When I view clear glass, I see beyond the glass itself; either from inside looking out or outside looking in. Either way, I see what is beyond myself!

  2. A friend of a friend, who is an artist/photographer in Chicago, spends much of her time going around the city photographing the reflections in the glass of the huge buildings there. The pics are amazing. I can look at them for a long time without getting bored. I wish I knew how to find them online, but alas, I don’t know her name. As I said, she is a friend of a friend…I should take the time to find out…but my “should” list just grows and grows. A little internal window reflecting there…

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