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This was one of the Around the World Treasures series of books reprinted by Franklin Watts Inc. It was illustrated in color and black and white by Charles Mozley, with an introduction by author Noel Streatfeild.

I’ve had several editions of this story in my lifetime. Once, a Press photographer arrived at our house to document me reading a simplified version for younger children.

Odds are that this was a Christmas present, because the note on the half-title is in my mother’s penmanship.




From Grandpa Ribbens: a Friday Fairing — 4 Comments

  1. You were photographed reading it is a child…by the press? How interesting! Do you have the photo? Do you know how they came to pick you or what they did with the photo??? How cool! Hugs friend! Meshea

  2. How wonderful to have the book with your name inthe title! And your mother’s handwriting with your grandfather’s name referenced. Three generations loving books!

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