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  1. Interesting article. So often we miss those first times, because we’re so intent on getting to the final goal. Yet, the first steps, those mini-moments can mean so much encouragement for us if we take a second to notice “I accomplished something of value. YAY!”

    Good article.

  2. Thank you, Jan. Though I’m now raising my eyebrow at WordPress’s insistence that Thanks, Jan is too short a reply to post.

  3. Technically, and for purposes of SEO, etc… Anything less than a paragraph or two is too short a reply to a post. I’ve been reading a lot on sharing, scrolling, and supplementing blog links with comments. The key is to post a paragraph or two of legitimate response to a post.

    For instance, mentioning something from the blog post, about how well it applies to your own thoughts, or adding a thought about it can make all the difference in how a comment is rated.

    We all use comments on other blogs to drive traffic, but the quality of our posts, can make more difference in comments than about anywhere else. I’m getting better about it, but still not very good at mentioning keywords and adding value always, in my comments.

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