Here is a list of Heidi’s Published work with links:

Avenir Eclectia Installments:

Word Carrier: Go Therefore
Word Carrier: Domestication
Word Carrier: Two by Two
Word Carrier: Thou Hast Prepared a Table
Word Carrier: Havoc
Word Carrier: The Just Regardeth the Life of his Beast

Novel Matters Installment:

Out of the Garden: Part Twelve

Breaking Barriers Issue 80:

Lonely Mittens

Breaking Barriers Issue 79:


Breaking Barriers Issue 70:

The Kindnesses of the Lord

Breaking Barriers Issue 68:

In the Way of Wisdom

Harpstring Winter 2010-2011 Vol. 1, Issue 2

Cold Eggs, Hot Coffee, Warm Heart

Two poems are here:

Solstice: A Winter Anthology 



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